UAE Supported Forces Start Military Operations to Look Up for Al Qaeda

March 27, 2019

Elite troops backed by Emirati forces have started a campaign to find out Al Qaeda rebels in mountain hiding places in the Shabwa province of Southern Yemen.
The campaign, called White Mountains, complements a mission in which troops were sent to the three Shabwa districts of Nesab, Markha and Khourah in April 2018.
Vehement confrontation broke out between Shabwa forces and Al Qaeda rebels in the district of Khoura, which lasted for about three hours, according to Col Mohammed Al Bouhar, commander of the Shabwa force. The skirmish came to an end after the Shabwa forces took charge of the main base in the area that served as a training base.
There were no calamities reported but the fanatics from the base escaped towards the province of Al Bayda.
Col Mohammed Al Bouhar stated that his troops would be forever based in the western region of Shabwa because Al Qaeda has vital strongholds in Al Bayda, across the border.
Most of the terrorists train themselves in Al Bayda and enter Shabwa in order to conduct terrorist acts against the forces and civilians of Shabwa.
The UAE has highly trained forces in the southern region of Yemen, which was freed from the Iran-supported Houthi militants in 2015.
The UAE forces were sent to deal with terrorist groups, chiefly Al Qaeda, which have profited from the chaos of Yemen’s civil war.
The battle began when the Houthis took over the capital Sanaa, forcing out the internationally acknowledged government of President Abdrabu Mansur Hadi, and took charge of large areas of Yemen at the end of 2014.
Saudi Arabia, the UAE and other allies mediated on behalf of the lawful government and have been there for four years.
Col Al Bouhar stated that the province of Shabwa was 80% free of the terrorist groups, the last of which would be cleared from the Bayhan district soon.

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