UAE Supports Early UN Peace Discussions In Order To End the Yemen Conflict

November 15, 2018

On 14th November, the United Arab Emirates supported the early preparation of planned United Nations peace discussions related to the conflict in Yemen. UAE’s foreign minister, Anwar Gargash wrote on Twitter that they approve the early summon of UN led talks in Sweden. He added that during the UNSC meeting which is due to be held on Friday, the board will request all parties to take leverage of opportunity to renew the political process. Furthermore, he is looking forward to host and welcome UN special envoy Martin Griffiths in Abu Dhabi this week.

The twitter post read out that the uae IS greeting the early gathering of the UN led discourse which is going to be held in Sweden. During the UNSC meeting that’s due on 16th November, the board or the body would be requesting every parties taking part in the meeting to make use of the opportunity to restore the political process.

The UAE, along with Saudi Arabia, is going to head the Arab-coalition of troops in the war against Houthi militia in Yemen.

The UN stated that it has been planning to reconcile peace discussion in Sweden by the end of the year. The last endeavor in Geneva crashed when the Houthi delegation failed to arrive for the peace discussions.