UAE: the red Crescent projects for Eid in the west coast of yemen

August 13, 2019

The UAE Red Crescent teams distribution Eid clothing and food baskets and  the required goats and sheep for the sacrifice ritual of eid .for poor, needy and displaced families and children of martyrs and orphans in the West Coast.

As part of the ongoing support provided by the UAE to the people of the Sahel and the Yemeni people in the liberated governorates, as part of projects and initiatives of the Year of Tolerance, in order to normalize the situation and improve living conditions, the distribution of Eid clothing included 700 families in the districts of Al Khokha, Hays and Tahita, south of Hodeidah.

A total of 2,000 food parcels have been distributed, benefiting 14,000 citizens, accompanied by the distribution of Eid clothing.

UAE Crescent teams in the West Coast launched the Eid Sacrifice project, which targeted poor familiesfrom the West Coast.

Crescent support and assistance programs continue in the West Coast as a leading organization targeting and meeting the needs of citizens, the needy and the displaced in all the West Coast directorates according to an integrated assistance system carried out by the Authority in the Year of Tolerance 2019

successfully concluded a campaign to prevent and  control the cholera epidemic in the West Coast.

The Authority also inaugurated and handed over  AlQataba Water Project at Al Khokha Directorate in the West Coast, in addition to dozens of similar water projects in a large number of directorates and areas of Sahel and Tihama.

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