UAE to distribute 2500 Ramadan baskets to the people of theWest Coast within the initiative (Ramadan’s meir)

May 14, 2019

The UAE continues to implement the “Mer Ramadan” initiative in the western coast of Yemen as part of its rapid response to the needs of citizens in the liberated governorates of Yemen.

In this regard, the UAE Red Crescent teams distributed 2500 Ramadan baskets to poor and needy families in the Al-Jah district of Beit Al-Faqih Directorate, and Al-Jiribah and Majilis districts of Al-Durahemi Directorate, allowing more than 15,000 people to benefit from it.

The representative of the UAE Red Crescent, on the West Coast, said that the Mer Ramadan initiative, launched on the first day of Ramadan, targets all poor and needy families in the West Coast and will last the entire Holy Month.

A number of beneficiaries expressed their deep thanks to the UAE for providing them with various support and assistance, including 2500 Ramadan baskets for them and for the people of Al-Jah, Al-Gharibah, and Majlis areas in the West Coast, which contributed significantly to the provision of their basic needs.