UK Ambassador to Yemen Michael Aron urges Houthis to end military operations in Marib

August 26, 2020

The UK envoy to Yemen, Michael Aron warned the Houthis to end military operation in the Marib region and stressed the militia to take the nation’s UN ambassador seriously.

As described by the Human Rights Watch, The conflicts between the Yemeni government and the Houthi led forces started in March 2015, and it displaced more than 4,000,000 people. As of now, Marib has around 750,000 uprooted people.

The UNHCR has cautioned that the dislocated people are in danger of coronavirus pandemic as their camps are filled with people, and social distancing is impossible.

On Tuesday, Michael Aron had tweeted that he had addressed Marib Governor Sultan Al-Aradh, who informed him concerning the Houthis’ growing and repeated military attacks in the region.

As per the Arab News, the UK envoy unequivocally censured Houthi military activities in Marib and considered the militia accountable for the endless battle, which has cost the lives of a large number of Yemenis.

Aron urged the Houthis to end the attacks on Marib and to take the UN Special Envoy to Yemen, Mr. Martin Griffiths, solemnly, Arab News reported. The Houthi militia has refused to adhere to a truce offered by the Arab coalition, Aron added.

Due to the coalition airstrikes and severe conflict with the government forces in the Yemeni territories of Marib, Jouf, and Al-Bayda, several Houthis and Yemeni got killed in attacks.

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