UN Confirms That Houthi Committed Crimes in Yemen

September 28, 2018

A report from the United Nations has confirmed that the Houthi rebels had committed a number of violations in the regions that it has control of in Yemen. According to the Group of Regional and International Eminent Experts on Yemen, the Houthis have executed a number of crimes and violations as per international law.

The United Nations Human Rights Council had mandated the Group Experts to undertake a comprehensive investigation of the current situation of human rights in Yemen. According to that report, the Houthis have been accused of committing a vast number of human rights violations. This includes torture, arbitrary detention, child recruitment and ill treatment. Additionally, they have established serious restrictions on the fundamental freedoms of belief and of expression.

The Group of Experts has voiced that it has concerns about the use of weapons that has a wide area effect by the Houthis in urban warfare. After all, using such weapons in urban areas will be indiscriminate. In fact, these acts are a violation of global humanitarian law.

The Group of Experts has also gathered reports which state that the Houthi militias have conducted shelling on various regions under their control. That shelling has caused most of the casualties among civilians. That had also stopped humanitarian aid among other indispensible goods from reaching the civilians, affecting their chances of survival.

Civilians, including children and women, have been hit by snipers and shelling from the Houthis indiscriminately. Civilians have not only died in their homes but also outside it. Some died while fetching water, buying food and seeking medical attention among other mundane activities. According to some witnesses, they experienced attacks nearly every day and that too in their own neighborhoods.