UN deploys the fifth ceasefire monitoring point in Hodeidah

April 20, 2020

The UN Monitoring Committee, chaired by Indian General Abhijit Goha, deployed yesterday the fifth joint liaison point in the western Yemeni city of Hodeidah to monitor a ceasefire between legitimate forces and Houthi militias.

The fifth and additional liaison points include Joint Resistance Liaison Officers, Houthi Militia and United Nations observers to monitor the implementation of the provisions of the Sweden Agreement and the Ceasefire Agreement, in addition to four observation posts deployed in various sectors earlier.

A statement by the military media of the joint forces said that the UN committee installed the fifth joint point in Sana’a Street east of Hodeidah city, stressing that this point has been added to be the last joint point of contact in Hodeidah.

Thus, the UN Committee has deployed five points of contact are as follows: the first point Khamri point, the second east of the city of Saleh, the third in the Hosh al-Baqar in the line of Kilo 16, and the fourth in the neighborhood south of Hodeidah, and the fifth in Sanaa Street, according to the statement.

Joint liaison points between the joint forces and the militias were also completed for the ceasefire and the end of the military balance in the city.

The ceasefire test is scheduled to last for two weeks and, if successful, will be implemented in hotter areas such as Duraimi, Jabaliya and Hays, west of the city.

The spokesman of the Joint Forces in the West Coast, Colonel Waddah Al-Dabeish, confirmed that the success of the phases and stabilization of the cease-fire and escalation depends on the commitment of the militias, reiterating the full commitment of the joint forces and the Liaison Officers team and the Joint Coordination Committee representing the side of the legitimate government.

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