UN envoy Martin Griffiths states deep concern over the shortage of fuel in Yemen

September 2, 2020

UN Special Envoy to Yemen Mr. Martin Griffiths showed deep concern over the shortage of fuel and called for all-party meetings to find a solution to the problem and ensure that people in Yemen get access to the fuel supply, UN News reported.

As per the UN News, Griffith also stated that “life in Yemen is ruthless enough without driving Yemenis to battle even harder for getting their everyday needs that are associated with fuel, for example, electricity, clean water, and transportation.”

The fuel crisis controlled by the Houthi rebels has cut power supplies that have led citizens to be abandoned and worry about getting clean water supplies, fuel, and proper medical care, The National reported.

Whereas the electricity crisis is nothing new in the nation, but the growing lines at the water pumps have increased since mid-June. It could lead to more spreading of the virus due to a lack of social distancing.

Yemen has already faced long years of war and starvation. According to experts, Yemeni’s are suffering their worst amid pandemic due to economic crisis, flash floods, and dealing with the already fragile health care system.

In December 2018, the UN’s Special Envoy held talks in Stockholm with parties to reach the Hudaydah Agreement. He also helped in an agreement on temporary arrangements that allowed the entry of 72 ships carrying 1.3 million tons of brings into Hudaydah port from November 2019 until April 2020.

The UN official stated that both parties must find an answer to the fuel crisis that will permit the flow of commercial imports of fuel in Yemen through the port of Hodeidah, UN News reported.

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