UN Envoy to Yemen to Hold Talks in Washington to Jump-Start a Political Process

October 25, 2018

In the 2nd round high level meetings with the US officials since the month of September, UN envoy to Martin Griffith of Yemen is going to visit Washington. Mr. Griffith met Trump administration, financial institutions, and congress for discussing the political talks in between the Yemeni factions. After a trip to Middle East, where he is known to have helped broker to release the ex-president, the son of Ali Abdullah Saleh from Houthi captivity, Mr. Griffith arrived in Washington.

His schedule is going to include meeting with the White House, State Department, Congress, Pentagon, World Bank, and the think tanks. The John Sullivan, the U.S Deputy Secretary of the State John Sullivan have met Mr. Griffith for discussing the humanitarian crisis in Yemen and the latest steps that are being taken for improving the suffering from the Yemeni people and the urgent requirement for dialogue and escalation throughout Yemen. US have expressed that it hopes that all sides are able to work towards a comprehensive political agreement which bring prosperity, peace, and also security to Yemen.