UN Envoy to Yemen to Visit the Battleground Port before Peace Talks

November 23, 2018

The United Nations envoy to Yemen, Martin Giffiths will be visiting the port city of Hodeidah which has been transformed into a battleground by the Houthi militias. He also pressurized the warring parties to uphold the pledges for joining the to-be-held peace talks in Geneva. The conflict that have been going on in yemen have killed more than thousands and it has also sparked the worst humanitarian crisis of the world, termed by the United Nations.

Martin Griffiths, the UN envoy to Yemen, arrived in the capital city of Yemen, Sanaa, to lay the groundwork for the negotiations to be held in Sweden the next month. According to the United Nations Agencies, more than 14 million residents of Yemen will be at risk of starvation. Both the sides have expressed their support for the envoy and his mission for holding the discussions previously. The efforts for the peace talks had been taken up by Martin Griffiths in September, but it collapsed badly. The talks which will be held now are spearheading the biggest push in the last two years for bringing an end to the war.

A previous round of peace talks which were led by the United Nations faded when refusal came from the side of the Houthi militias to travel to Geneva. All the previous talks failed in the year 2016 when 108 days of the negotiations in Kuwait did not turn out the deal to be yielding.

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