UN is investigates corruption and fraud in its agencies in Yemen

August 20, 2019

After a deep investigation conducted by The United Nations investigators in yemen and collection of corruption evidence and aid looting by different UN oganism and mainly from the World Health Organization.employees ,the investigators where surprised by Houthis militias arresting them at the Sanaa airport just before bording their plane , the houthis militias took all evidences gathered by the UN investigators team ,laptops drives pan drives.

More than a dozen U.N. aid workers deployed to deal with the wartime humanitarian crisis have been accused of joining with combatants on all sides to enrich themselves from the billions of dollars in donated aid flowing into the country.

 In the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION  the UN investigators found that unqualified people were placed in high-paying jobs, millions of dollars were deposited in staffers’ personal bank accounts, dozens of suspicious contracts were approved without the proper paperwork, and tons of donated medicine and fuel went missing.

The UN investigators found evidence and proof of fraud and corruption on the UN organization :UNICEF, who allowed a Houthi rebel leader to travel in agency vehicles, shielding him from potential airstrikes by the Saudi-led coalition.

Over the past three months, the activists have been pushing for aid transparency in an online campaign called “Where Is The Money?” They demand that U.N. and international agencies provide financial reports on how the hundreds of millions of dollars pouring into Yemen since 2015 have been spent. Last year, the agency said international donors pledged $2 billion for humanitarian efforts in Yemen.

The U.N. has responded with an online campaign of its own called “Check Our Results,” showing programs implemented in Yemen. The campaign does not provide detailed financial reports on how aid money is spent.

A confidential report by a U.N. panel of experts on Yemen, said that Houthi authorities constantly pressure aid agencies, forcing them to hire loyalists, intimidating them with threats to revoke visas and aiming to control their movements and project implementation.

Officials said it’s unclear how many staffers may be aiding combatants. The officials said several incidents in recent years indicate the U.N. staffers are involved in the theft of aid supplies.

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