UN: new warnings about houthis war crimes

September 4, 2019

The UN Human Rights Council on Tuesday issued new condemnations of pro-Iranian Houthi militias after it said it had committed violations and war crimes in Yemen.

The report, issued on Tuesday, said the rebel militias “bombed cities in Yemen and used a siege-like method of warfare, in a way that constituted  war crimes.”

The report added: “Houthis kidnapped and arrested women over the past two years in Yemen to blackmail their relatives.”

Women in Yemen are subjected to the most heinous abuses by Houthi militias, ranging from murder, injury to loss of limb, imprisonment and torture. Under the Houthi coup, women  are the bigger number of houthiswar victims.

Previous UN and human rights reports have condemned abuses by Houthi militias over the past years, ranging from murder, injury, torture, abduction, arbitrary detention, enforced disappearance, child recruitment, siege of cities, and house bombing.

With regard to children, the figures indicate that the Houthis have recruited more than 20,000 children in their ranks, and deprived more than 4 million children from education.

The UN World Food Program also accused Iranian Houthi militias of stealing and looting aid to Yemen, threatening to halt aid if the rebels did not stop their practices.

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