UN Peace Talks Backed By Yemeni Government, Hodeidah Still at Risk

November 16, 2018

President of Yemen has made an announcement to support a UN push for fresh talks so that they can end the battle for more than four years in his country that has been war-torn. Some of the analysts have even warned a diplomatic breakthrough which may not spare the port city of Hodeidah from new and fresh military actions. The alliance has fought for over five months sporadically to drive the Houthis out from the city which is also the home to a port that is considered to be the entry point of all the imports sent from Yemen.

A calm but uneasy situation was held in the flashpoint on Hodeidah for the third consecutive day after intense fighting between the rebels for almost two weeks. It is also known that the Houthi rebels are backed by Iran and they also control the Red Sea city. They even have the control of a pro-government alliance that is led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The bitter conflict between the two started in the last quarters of 2015 and half of the population of the country now stands at the edge of starvation and they have become totally dependent on the Hodeidah for getting the supplies of the humanitarian aid sent from Yemen.

According to the residents, they are extremely worried about the situation and they also fear that the Houthi rebels can siege on the city where street battles and air strikes have left the entire neighbors damaged and destroyed. The fears were also sparked that their next target can be the port. In fact, many have seen barricades and trenches around and inside the city. Schools and shops that re-opened near frontlines and some families began to venture back out, as men in military fatigues were seen carrying grenade launchers across the city on motorcycles.