UN Security Council is to Decide the Truce Deal of Yemen

January 8, 2019

The Security Council of the United Nations is to meet with the UN delegate to Yemen to decide on the truce deal that might end the ongoing war. In the same meeting, UN aid chief Mark Lowcock will be giving the details of Yemen’s humanitarian situation to the council.

In his latest effort to peace, UN representative Martin Griffith met the Yemeni leaders so that the truce at the Hodeida Port sustain.

In December last year, the truce was agreed in a meeting in Sweden. The primary talks followed by a number of meetings that held in the rebels ruled capital of Sanaa. In these meetings steps to redeploy the coalition backed forces and Houthi rebel fighters were decided.

Hodeida was held by the rebels for months. To gain the lifeline port back, the coalition forces started to attack the port from June last year. Since then, the port remained on the front line of the four-year-long war.

As per the sources, the port is the major entry point through which humanitarian supplies and aids are sent to Yemen. Due to the war, Yemen is literally on the brink of a famine.

According to the United Nations, the cities are being peaceful since the peace agreement came into force. In last month the UN has taken the decision to support the truce deal and has sent a delegate to observe the peace situation.

Griffith is hopeful that he can bring both sides to Kuwait later in January, for another round of peace talks.

The civil war between the Houthis and the government troop started going out of the hand after March 2015, when the Yemeni President absconded to Saudi Arabia.

According to the UN, Yemen is currently facing one of the worst humanitarian crisis.

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