UN States Attack on Dislodged People’s Camp in Yemen Kills Eight Civilians

January 28, 2019

The United Nations on Sunday announced that the bombardment of a camp that was designed for dislodged people in Yemen’s northern Hajjah province has killed eight civilians and wounded 30 others. The recent raised fears that the partial truce that was reached last month could be in peril.

The UN Human Coordinator for Yemen Lise Grande stated that the shelling on the camp of dislodged people to be a senseless act and also a shocking one.

Lise Grande, humanitarian coordinator for Yemen stated that the parties to the conflict are bound to do everything in order to safeguard the civilians. It was even stated that the people left their home to IDP sites and they have already suffered very badly. Hence, the attack can’t be defended.

UN stated that the source of the shelling can’t be identified. The war has largely been in a deadlock for years, with a Saudi-led coalition of Arab State and Yemeni allies unable to evict the Iran-aligned Houthi movement that managed the capital and most major population centers.

Even after the truce, from last week sporadic clashes got heightened, with each side blaming the other of breaching the deal. If the fighting resumes seriously around the port, which is the main supply route into the nation, aid supply would be cut off, leaving no path to feed millions of people on the brink of starvation.

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