UN Submits New Plan for Yemen Withdrawal from Hodeidah

March 20, 2019

The United Nations will be submitting a new plan for the withdrawal of forces from Yemen’s boiling point i.e. port city of Hodeidah after discussions with the government and the Houthis were held. This statement was made by a UN envoy on Tuesday (19th March).
The re-stationing of forces was reached in December under a truce deal reached in Sweden that presented the best hope in years to bring an end to the battle that has pushed Yemen to the verge of famine.
After positive talks with both parties, there is meaningful progress towards an accord to enforce phase one of the re-stationing of the Hodeida pact, as mentioned by Martin Griffiths, the UN envoy for Yemen during a statement. He even stated that the operational details would be provided to parties in the Redeployment Coordination Committee (RCC) for endorsement shortly.
The statement made by UN envoy did not state a date for the start of the withdrawal of troops, which would observe the first step towards de-escalation. Griffiths stated that he is looking forward to the quick endorsement of the plan.
The United Nations declared a deal on the two-stage withdrawal from Hodeidah city and its ports on 17th February, but the redeployment failed to take place on the ground.
UN diplomats stated that the Houthis were declining to pull away from the ports as part of the first stage. Griffiths and head of the RCC, Danish General Michael Lollesgaard, have been convening discussion with all sides to overcome the final hurdles.
The Red Sea port of Hodeidah is the entry point for majority of imported goods and relief aid to Yemen. The battle in Yemen has lead to witness the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.

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