UN Wants Hodeidah Under Joint Control at Yemen Peace Talks

December 11, 2018

At the Yemen Peace Talks, the UN suggests a dramatic condition of controlling Hodeidah under a joint supervised control. The port of Hodeidah as stated by UN special envoy Martin Griffiths has been the nucleus of the war. The survivors’ aid for the war affected Yemeni people passed through this port where both the Houthis and the Arab coalition fought in grave battles.

In the Peace Talks, Martin suggested that yes the Houthis did not want to give up Hodeidah and the Saudis are still unable to drive them out. So, why no build a confidence-building proposal where under joint supervision the port of Hodeidah is controlled.

Griffiths further hopes that peace talks would leave to a consensus between the hostile powers and this will end the air blockage by the Saudi of Sana airport. Further, the peace talks will work to allow stable humanitarian resources to enter via the port of Hodeidah.

In further rounds to come, Griffiths will additionally hold conferences to discuss measures to end the civil war ongoing for 4 years. The start of it was the joint proposal of controlling the port of Hodeidah

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