UN warns of cholera outbreak in Yemen again

July 9, 2019
The United Nations on Monday warned of the return of a cholera epidemic in Yemen.
Said: “Farhan Haq,” deputy spokesman of the Secretary-General of the International Organization.
“The number of potential cases of cholera in Yemen reached more than 460,000 this year, compared with 380,000 in the same period last year,” Haq told a news conference.
“So far 705 cases of cholera have been reported, compared to 75 in the same period last year,” he said.
“Recent floods have accelerated the spread of the epidemic across the country, exacerbated by poor maintenance of waste management systems and the lack of clean water for drinking or irrigation,” he said.
The spokesman said that the United Nations and its partners were running some 1,200 cholera treatment facilities. To achieve concrete results in this context.
However, he stressed that the funding crisis continues to impede the achievement of tangible results in this context.
“Yemen’s humanitarian response plan requires $ 4.2 billion to provide assistance to more than 20 million people this year,” he said.
He added that only 32% of that amount was saved. Cholera is an epidemic that causes severe diarrhea and can kill patients within hours, especially children.
Yemen’s health sector is suffering from a severe deterioration from the five-year-old Houthi war, as well as various sectors and services.

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