US envoy Brian Hawk:The world must confront Iran ‘s Greater Strategy in Yemen!

September 12, 2019

US Special Envoy to Iran Brian Hawk warned of the dangers of Iranian expansion in the region, noting that Iran is seeking to reproduce the Lebanese experience in Yemen.

Hawk stressed that Iran should be prevented from consolidating its influence in Yemen, in parallel with restricting Iranian expansion in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq.

“The world must face Iran’s ambitions, otherwise the Iranian crescent will become a full moon,” Hawk said in an article in the Wall Street Journal.

The US warning comes to warn of the dangers of Iranian cross-border influence extending from Lebanon, Syria and Iraq to Yemen.

Hawk talked about the major game played by Tehran in Yemen, the “Lebanonization” of the country, ie the reproduction of the Lebanese experience.

Hawk proceeded from Iran’s support for the Hezbollah militia in Lebanon to explain his point of view. It began with the support of militant sectarian groups in the early 1980s, the most violent of which was later combined into a single organization called Hezbollah.

Thanks to Iran’s financially and militarily generous support, the party became a state within the state and served as Iran’s gateway to expand its influence in Lebanon.

The same game is played by Tehran today in Yemen, according to the US official: “Here, the Iranians had the upper hand in the outbreak of war they incited  the coup of Houthi militia.

In Hook’s view, Iran is using Yemen today to strengthen its regional standing. What is more dangerous is that it is using its alliance with the Houthis to threaten the arrival of a quarter of the world’s oil supplies by controlling the Straits of Bab al-Mandab and Hormuz.

Hawk, who has criticized his country’s poor media coverage of Iran’s role in prolonging the tragic conflict in Yemen, has come to the obvious conclusion: “Preventing Iran from establishing itself in Yemen is a necessity.”

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