US State Department Finds Iran Doesn’t Have Interest in Yemen Peace and US Would Remain By the Side of Saudi Coalition

December 10, 2018

The US administration wants to provide their support to the Saudi-led coalition in the war in Yemen. They would try their level best to fight the Iranian influence and the Islamist militancy in the Arab state.


Moreover, an official from the US State Department stated that Iran doesn’t seem to have any interest in the peace settlement process in Yemen. The US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Arabian Gulf Affairs, Timothy Lenderking, during the third UAE Security Forum at New York University Abu Dhabi, discussed on this issue. Basically, officials along with the policymakers assembled to focus on the challenges of peace and reconstruction in Yemen.


Mr Lenderkong stated that Iran has been playing a crucial role in bolstering the Yemen’s rebel movement. They are furnishing weapons and military advisers to the Houthi militias in Yemen. He added that Iran has been fueling the flames of war.


With Yemen facing the worst humanitarian crisis, with over 20 million people suffering from food shortage, it is important that the conclusion reached at the peace discourse between the Houthi militia delegates and the Yemeni government delegates is implemented.


Even though the US administration is being pressurized to withdraw from the conflict zone or not provide their support to the coalition; yet, they oppose the decision. Well, the assertion of constant support came after Sweden hosted the first UN-led peace talks in two years between the fighting parties and Gulf Arab leaders in Riyadh on Sunday.

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