War-Hit Yemen to Make a Smart Asian Cup Debut against Iraq

January 7, 2019

Despite the country reaching to the brink of a famine like condition, Yemen did not fail to establish its mark in the sports arena. The War-hit nation will be seen in the Asian cup tournament for the first time this season. They would be facing the three times champion, Iran on Monday.


  • Yemen to make their first Asian Cup (football) debut on Monday, against Iran.
  • Yemen has been ranked the lowest at number 135.
  • Players from all over Yemen are present in the team.
  • Team’s head coach and assistant coach are confident with the team’s performance.
  • Players are confident and proud to represent their country.


The team’s assistant coach Miloz Bozek in an interview said that even if the team is ranked at the 135th spot, they have nothing to lose.  They are proud about the opportunity they have earned for themselves of being a part of the Asian cup tournament. They play against the three times champions, Iran at Abu Dhabi. The coach also mentioned that the team would give their best, no matter what.

When asked about the strategies of the team and how they prepared the team, the coach did not hesitate to admit the fact that it was difficult. Yemen has been hit by war and still undergoing through it at various parts of the nation. The team comprises of players from every part of Yemen and the most difficult task was the communication and logistics system.

Getting players to the training camps was also a challenging task and within a very short span of time the coaches had to recognize each player and know their strengths and weaknesses. There are no specific strategies as such, players have had gone through a worm up match session and gathered a decent idea that the team would not be a disappointment in the tournament.

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