With UAE support “Al-Muzaffar” hospital is restored and reopened

June 28, 2019
Al-Muzaffar Hospital was inaugurated in the Yemeni city of Taiz after rehabilitation and restoration of all its sections and wings, repairing its electricity network and providing generators and energy systems all done by the UAE.
Dr. Elan Abdelhak confirmed that the rehabilitation and repairs carried out in all parts of the hospital were supported by the UAE and expressed gratitude to the UAE for its continuous help aid and support for the Yemeni people.
Engineer Rashad al-Akhali, the undersecretary of the governorate expressed his sincere thanks for the rapid intervention by the UAE and the restoration of the hospital, which serves many of the sons of Taiz.
Eng. Muhayeb al-Hakimi, Technical Affairs Officer in Taiz, praised the UAE’s great efforts in repairing and restoring the hospital.
Al-Hakimi expressed the gratitude of the local authority represented by Nabil Shamsan, Governor of Taiz, for the humanitarian actions brings back the city to life.
Dr. Abdul Rahim Al-Samai, Director of the Health Bureau in Taiz, said that as usual UAE was the first to respond to calls from the people of the Old City in order to rehabilitate Al- Muzaffar Hospital.
The rehabilitation of the hospital was the second initiative by the UAE Red Crescent in less than a year. At the end of last year, Al-Muzaffar Hospital was equipped with quantifier equipment, that made the hospital operative again, for operations, orthopedics, general surgery, and intensive care, all these departments were out of service for years.

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