World Health Provides 118 dialysis devices in Yemen

August 1, 2019

On Wednesday, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced the delivery of 118 dialysis devices in Yemen, helping save the lives of thousands of patients.

The organization stated on a tweet that :”These devices will be allocated to 12 dialysis centers in the country.

And that the medical aid comes as part of the World Health Organization’s efforts to avoid the closure of dialysis centers in Yemen.

“These devices will help save the lives of 5200 of renal failure patients.”

According to previous estimates by the World Organization, there are seven thousand patients with renal failure in Yemen, many of whom live difficult conditions.

The health sector in Yemen suffers from a sharp deterioration in the escalating conflict, which has led to outbreaks of epidemics and diseases and the closure of a large number of health facilities

For the fifth year in a row, Yemen is witnessing a war between government forces and Huthi militias accused of receiving Iranian support and controlling many provinces, including the capital Sanaa since September 2014.

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