Years of Battle Pushing Yemeni People to the Brink of Famine

March 19, 2019

Amidst fighting and epidemics, Yemeni families are looking forward to an end to war. After all, it’s the only solution to bring an end to the humanitarian crisis.
Yemeni people are enduring through an elongated civil war, which has dislodged 3 million people, affected imports of crucial goods such as food, fuel, and medicine, and destroyed the economy.
Roughly half of Yemen’s health facilities are not fully operational, while the nation has faced a massive cholera epidemic (1.3 million suspected cases), which has killed 2,760 people. Food prices rising rapidly and the economy weakening, families can’t find work to afford food, and 15.8 million people do not know where they will get their next meal. Many are living in near-famine conditions and 24 million out of the 30 million Yemeni people need humanitarian aid.
Oxfam staffs have met families that have married off girls against money they need for procuring food and medical care. They are also working to provide clean water, proper latrines, and hygiene items such as soap to help people remain clean and avert cholera and other diseases.
The organization is offering cash to help families purchase food in local markets, helping dislodged farming families with seeds and tools, and offering job training and other support for families to start small businesses. The organization is especially directing economic empowerment aid to women with young daughters who might be vulnerable to early marriage.
Since July 2015, Oxfam has assisted three million people in Yemen, including over 420,000 people in Taiz governorate with water and sanitation services and cash aid. Oxfam works closely with a growing network of Yemeni organizations, who are important partners due to their expertise and wide reach.
However, the only solution to the intense suffering in Yemen is an end to the conflict. Oxfam is upholding the conflicting parties to commit to a truce, allow full humanitarian access, and take part in peace talks which includes include women and youth.

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