Yemen :a child was grazing sheeps a Houthi bullet ended his life !

July 31, 2019

A child was shot dead Tuesday by al-Houthi militia snipers in al-Midam district of Al-Maqtara district, northwest of Lahj province in southern Yemen.

Local sources said 14-year-old Suleiman Abdul Hakim was killed by a gunshot to the head from a Houthi militia sniper stationed in Tuba al-Khadra on the Al-Hakam Front.

The sources pointed out that the child  was grazing sheep in one of the mountains of the region, but the sniper of the terrorist militia Houthi ended his life with one bullet just for fun .

Earlier, anotherchild ,Hisham al-Derbiwas killed by the houthi militia in the same area.

Al-Huthi militia killed hundreds of civilians, including women and children, in Taiz province and other regions of yemenduring the years of war in yemen .

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