Yemen: A severe fuel crisis hit Aden and neighboring provinces

July 4, 2019

Several provinces in south Yemen are suffering from a severe fuel crisis, the day after a general strike by employees of the state-run oil company in Aden, where the interim capital is located.


The strike, which began on Tuesday, came at the invitation of the union committee of the oil company, against the backdrop of the government’s decision to restrict the import and sale of oil derivatives to the company, “refineries Aden” (government), which is considered by the oil company against  the laws governing the work of the two companies .


Aden refineries are refining crude and importing derivatives while the oil company distributes derivatives in the local market.


Local residents in Aden have confirmed that dozens of petrol stations in various districts of the province have been closed to cars since Tuesday, and the sale of fuel is now happening on the black market.


For its part, the General Electricity Corporation in Aden, appealed to the government to speed up the supply of power plants with fuel, and said in a statement, that the power plants did not receive their share of fuel, which threatens to leave the power plants out of  service, starting from Wednesday evening, because the stock is running out.


Six months ago, Saudi Arabia announced that it would supply power plants in the liberated provinces of the Huthi militia with the necessary fuel to operate them for a year to ease the crisis of frequent power cuts.


Yemen is suffering from a severe shortage of oil and derivatives that are needed to generate electricity.


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