Yemen: Aden death toll rises to 49

August 2, 2019

At least 49 people, most of them members of government forces, were killed yesterday in two attacks, a suicide bomber, and aterrorist attack in the southern province of Aden.

The ministry of interior in the government of Mansour Abed RabboHadi said in a statement that the police station Sheikh Osman in the center of the city of Aden at eight o’clock in the morning was attacked with a car bomb, “killing 13 policemen and wounding several others.”

According to security officials, the attack was carried out by a suicide bomber who was driving the car bomb and detonated it at the entrance to the police station when the members were gathering to greet the flag.

The Interior Ministry added that in another operation, the Houthistargeted  with  “a  drone and a short-range ballistic missile”  a military parade and training demonstration in the interim capital  Aden, resulting in dozens of dead and wounded, including leaders attending the show.

The Houthis adopted the attack on the camp. “The attack was the result of an intelligence operation,” said Dhaifallah al-Shami, the minister of information in the government of Houthi, who used a “new type of missile that was not disclosed.

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