Yemen: Al-Qaeda attack on Abyan south yemen kills 19 soldiers

August 2, 2019

Nineteen  Yemeni soldiers were killed in an attack carried by al Qaeda terrorists on a camp of government forces in the southern province of Abyan today, Yemeni officials said that this attack followed the attack perpetuated  against the Yemenis forced in Aden that killed 49 people.

Three al-Qaeda militants attacked al-Muhafad camp in the north of the province and managed to enter and stay there for hours, before military reinforcements arrived  and driven them out, an attack in which at least 19 soldiers were killed, said government officials.

“Al-Qaeda militants took advantage of the chaos and panic caused by the first attack  in Aden and launched an attack on Mahfad camp in northern Abyan and clashed with the soldiers,  they ended up breaking into the camp,” .

“Military reinforcements were pushed into Muhafad and insurgents were killed and others were expelled with the support of coalition forces in a process that lasted for hours,” , “At least 19 soldiers were killed and others wounded,”  officials  said.

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