Yemen: Al-Rayyan airport reopens after five years

November 22, 2019

Yemen’s General Civil Aviation Authority (GACA) announced on Thursday the resumption of flights to and from Al Rayyan International Airport in the southeastern coast of Hadramaut after a five-year hiatus.

In its circular, the Authority informed operational airlines and international humanitarian organizations that Al Rayyan Airport has completed its preparations for receiving and operating flights.

The airport will operate as a first stage from 6 am to 6 pm without specifying the number of flights to be operated.

On Saturday, at Al Rayyan airport arrived the first flight with official approval from the Civil Aviation Authority after a five-year hiatus.

A United Nations World Food Program (WFP) aircraft arrived at Al-Rayyan airport from Aden airport.

Al-Rayyan airport has been closed since 2015 after Al-Qaeda took control of the coast of Hadramaut and continued to be closed after liberation by the Alliance for the Support of Legitimacy in Yemen led by Saudi Arabia in 2016.

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