YEMEN and KSA remove 604 mines in a week

July 3, 2019
Project director Osama al-Gosaibi stated in the ” the Yemeni army’s website (September 26) that: “The field teams have removed 268 anti-tank mines, 4
antipersonnel mines, 330 unexploded ordnance (UXO) and two explosive devices during the past week.
He added that “the total mines that have been removed from the beginning of the operation is 1839 mines and unexploded ordnance.”
“The total of what has been removed since the launch of the project a year ago until 27 June is 74.115 varied between mines, explosive devices, and unexploded ordnance,” he said.
On June 25 last year, the King Salman Relief and Humanitarian Action Center launched a $ 40 million “pore” mine clearance project in Yemen.
The Yemeni army announced on its website “September 26”, that the engineering teams managed to extract and dismantle more than 30 landmines and an improvised explosive device planted by “Ansar Allah” in the area of Qafla front door closed north of the Directorate of Qataba.
He said that “Ansar Allah” has worked to camouflage those mines and containers in various forms, to collect the kill citizens.
During his participation in an international conference in Geneva on May 25, Yemen’s National Mine Action Program Director Brigadier Amin al-Aqili revealed that there are more than 14,000 antipersonnel mines and 62,000 anti-vehicle mines planted by Ansar Allah in several Yemeni provinces.

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