Yemen announces huge development projects

September 27, 2019

Yemen’s Minister of Local Administration, Abdul Raqeeb Fateh, announced yesterday the implementation of a number of development projects at a total cost of $ 75.5 million with the support of the European Union.

“The program will strengthen the local governance system through providing a range of services, developing social and economic recovery, and supporting local authorities’ development projects,” he said during the inauguration of the Resilience and Local Governance Project Conference in Amman, Jordan.

He stressed, according to the Yemeni News Agency, the need for concerted international efforts in providing more support to Yemen and support the efforts of the government in providing services to all citizens in all provinces of the country.

He stressed that his government is working hard to ensure the enhancement of stability and coordination with donors to implement development projects that contribute to alleviate the unemployment situation and attract jobs and provide all services related to daily life.

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