Yemen army carry successful naval operation

April 4, 2020

The Yemeni Army announced a naval military operation north of Al Hodeidah governorate, which resulted in the killing of A Houthi leader along with 2 militia members, while a fourth was arrested.

Forces from the ” The Fifth Military Zone Naval Formation ” in the Yemeni army carried “a successful operation near Hamar Island, located near the Al Lahya port, after boats belonging to the Houthi militia were spotted there,” according to local news sites.

The executing force’s members were able to seize one of the boats and kill two Houthi gunmen and a Houthi leader on board and capture a forth militia member along with different kinds of weapons. A military source reported

The killed Houthi militia members were namely: the leader Abu Aqeel (Sanaa), Abdullah Rahman Maarouf and Abdullah al-Ahdal (Hodeidah).
The Houthis media channel “Al-Masirah”, accused the legitimate government’s joint forces of firing 15 mortar shells at the west of the Al-Aden Triangle and separate places in the district of Hays, southeast of Hodeidah.

“The joint forces shelled 10 artillery shells, southeast of Hayes district.” It added.
It also indicated that a farmer in the mountainous area of Al-Tahta district, south of Al-Hodeidah, was targeted by 11 artillery shells and heavy machine guns.

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