YEMEN ARMY destroys Houthi missile and aircraft caches in Sana’a

August 21, 2019

The joint forces of the Coalition to support the legitimacy in Yemen along with Yemeni army led  on Monday evening, a  military operation to destroy a number of caves used by the Houthi terrorist militia to store ballistic missiles, drones and weapons in Sanaa.

He explained that “the targeting process is an extension of the qualitative military operations to destroy the Houthi capabilities and neutralize their threat to regional and international security

the targeting process is consistent with international humanitarian law and its customary rules, and the command of the joint forces of the coalition has taken all preventive measures necessary to protect civilians from any collateral damage.”

the Iranian-backed Houthi group announcedThe implementation of a missile shelling that  targeted a camp for the Yemeni army off the Saudi Najran area.

The Houthi group has recently stepped up attacks with drones and medium-range missiles on Saudi targets and Yemeni army positions, stepping up its terrorist operations at the behest of Iran

Riyadh has recently warned that Houthi drone attacks on oil facilities in the east of the kingdom, including the recent attack on a gas facility in the Shaybah field, are not only an attack and a threat to Saudi Arabia but also to world energy supplies.

The Houthis have controlled the Yemeni capital Sanaa since September 2014 before their dominance spread to several provinces.

Since March 2015, an Arab military alliance led by neighboring Saudi Arabia has supported government forces against the Iranian-backed rebel group.

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