Yemen: Bombing Houthi sites in Ibb

June 4, 2019
The Yemeni forces and the security belt launched artillery bombardment at a number of positions of the pro-Iranian Houthi militia in the north and west of Dalea province, south of Yemen.
According to the sources, the Joint Resistance Forces bombed Houthi targets north of the “al-Ribi” area and the outskirts of the “Beja” area.
The coalition forces have evacuated the houses and neighborhoods of the west of Shakhab (west of Qatuba) from the remains of Huthi militia hubs and barracks, while military operations continue to clear areas and reefs .
At the same time, the Houthi militias cut the Qatbah-Ibb road and the secondary roads through which the trucks pass through the Oud area between the governorates of Ibb and Al-Dali, thus completely blocking the traffic in this vital line.
On the other hand, the militias carried out campaigns of assault and kidnapping against citizens, under the pretext of cooperation with the resistance and the alliance.
They took several of the abductees to unknown places, causing fear and panic among women and children.

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