Yemen calls for investigations on the UN aid file

August 7, 2019

The Yemeni government called on Tuesday for declassification of UN investigations on corruption in the international aid file in Yemen

Information Minister Muammar al-Iryani said in a statement that the United Nations should review the operations carried out by its agencies in Yemen over the past years and make the results transparent.

Al-Iryani called for revealing the fate of hundreds of millions of dollars of food supplies, medicines and aid, while accusing the “Houthi” militias of stealing and looting the aid .

The minister said: “The internal investigation documents of the United Nations and the information gathered by the Associated Press from interviews with aid workers about the performance of the United Nations agencies, revealed the magnitude of the Houthi infiltration,

Political and financial corruption, nepotism and mismanagement of relief efforts in Yemen are a scandal that affects the reputation and balance of this organization.

The information contained in the investigation on the extent of corruption, cronyism, fraud, recruitment irregularities and the deposit of millions of dollars in aid to employees’ accounts, suspicious contracts, the disappearance of tons of food, medicine and fuel that end up delivered to the Houthis.

Al-Iryani pointed out that the investigation reveals the fate of billions of dollars allocated to humanitarian relief programs in Yemen since 2015, and confirms the government’s talk about the Houthis infiltration of UN agencies operating in their areas of control.

He renewed his demand for a transparent investigation into the financial and administrative corruption of its agencies in the country.

The government has repeatedly accused the Houthis of looting humanitarian aid in Yemen, saying the group was “stealing food from hungry mouths.”

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