Yemen Crisis : A Houthis minefield dismantled

April 10, 2020

Houthis missiles and a minefield was found by the joint Yemeni forces in the Al-Barh area, west of Taiz Governorate, on the Yemeni west coast.Forces from the eighth brigade found a minefield, explosive devices and various missiles in Wadi Rasyan in Al-Barh area. The The joint forces’ military media reported on Wednesday evening.

The engineering teams immediately began removing and dismantling mines, explosive devices, artillery and missile shells of various types and sizes. Military sources reported.The engineering teams dismantled three 150 kilograms missile shells, dozens of heavy mortars and more than fifty mines and a large explosive device. The source added.

The militias used shells to bomb residential neighborhoods and citizen farms, and used explosive devices and mines to destroy roads and bridges in Al-Barh.

The joint forces’ engineering teams previously dismantled a number of regular and irregular fields of shells, mines and explosive devices planted by the Houthi militias in different areas of the west coast.

Local and international human rights organizations held the Houthi militia exclusively responsible for planting minefields, these fields constitute a real disaster that will stayaway after the war.

The mines and explosive devices planted by the Houthi militia in various Yemeni regions are estimated at nearly two million.According to recent data, the total number of mines and explosives removed by the United Nations Development Program through its partners in Yemen, and the Saudi Mine Clearance Project in Yemen during the past two years, is more than 344,000 mines and explosives .

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