Yemen Crisis : Houthi leaders killed in an internal fighting

March 23, 2020

Five members of the Houthis militia, including two leaders, were killed in internal confrontations north of the city of Taiz, southwest of Yemen Crisis.

According to local media, violent clashes happened between the Houthi leaders from Saada and those who controls the 60th Street and the Dhikr area, north of Taiz.

The media emphasized that the confrontations in which light and medium weapons were used, resulted in the death of two members of the Houthi militias’ new members, namely Abdel-Razzaq al-Bahar (Musharraf) and Adnan al-Junaid, while three Houthis were killed, including the sixty front supply officer called Muhammad al-Marouni, known as Abu Abu Diya.

It explained that the tension between the two parties began about a week ago, on the background of conflict of powers and the exchange of treasonaccusations, and failure to implement orders, to develop matters into armed confrontations, at dawn on Thursday, then renewed in the evening.

While other sources mentioned that the clashes erupted because the new members refused to go to participate in the fighting on the fronts of Al-Jawf and Ma’rib governorates.

According to the source:

Sources said that a committee formed by the Houthi militia had recently visited the areas under its control in Taiz Governorate, with the aim of sending fighters to other fronts.

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