Yemen : Demining thousands of mines planted by the Houthis

September 17, 2019

The Saudi Mine Clearance Project in Yemen (MASAM) extracted 1980 mines during the second week of September 2019, all planted by the Houthi militias in a number of Yemeni liberated governorates and regions.

The center said in a statement on Monday that the total mines seizedare : two anti-personnel mines, 332 anti-tank mines, 1,629 unexploded mines, and 17 explosive devices.

The total clearance since the beginning of the project amounted to 89,761 mines planted by the Houthi coup militia, in the land, schools and houses in Yemen. The houthis tried to hide them in different forms, colors and ways that it killed a large number of children, women and caused , serious injury or amputation of organs for those who stayed alive.

Hundreds of civilians were killed by the explosion of mines planted by Houthi militias in residential neighborhoods, villages and farms and in the homes of citizens in various areas and districts of the province of Hodeidah.

Landmines have become one of the most prominent weapons of the Houthis targeting innocent people in the mountains, valleys, plains and residential neighborhoods. which makes the process of removal or access very difficult

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