Yemen :Fuel Crisis hits the country

September 30, 2019

The humanitarian crisis in Yemen has been exacerbated by a fuel crisis that has driven motorists to queue for days at some petrol stations indefinitely.
The new crisis is only one of many problems caused by the houthi war.

Fuel is needed not only for cars, but for water pumps and generators in hospitals, and for transporting goods across the country, where millions are on the brink of starvation.

Nashwan Khalid, standing two days in line waiting for his turnto obtain gasoline in Sana’a, he said that the crisis had affected all members of the Yemeni people. A large number of petrol stations in the Houthi-controlled capital of Sanaa have been forced to shut down. Nashwan said “it just stopped my job and stopped my life”

Gasoline is sold on the black market about three times the official price. Drivers can stand two or three days waiting for their turn. “Fuel shortages in Yemen are exacerbating the deteriorating humanitarian situation in the country and leading to unacceptable levels of suffering,” said Sultana Begum, representative of the Norwegian Refugee Council.

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