Yemen: Houthis announce targeting “vital Saudi facilities” with seven aircraft

May 15, 2019

The Al-Masirah television channel, run by Yemen’s Al-Houthi group, said on Tuesday, May 14, 2019, that the group had carried out drone attacks on vital Saudi facilities, without specifying the targets or when the attacks took place.

There was no confirmation from Saudi Arabia about the report, which came a day after Riyadh said two of its oil tankers were among the four ships attacked off the coast of the UAE Sunday 12 May 2019. Al-Masirah channel quoted a military source Houthi saying that “seven planes carried out attacks on Saudi
facilities. ”

It was not immediately clear if the Houthis, who are fighting a Saudi-led military alliance in Yemen, claimed responsibility for Sunday’s attack near Fujairah outside the Strait of Hormuz. The UAE authorities did not describe the nature of the attack or the body responsible for it.

The Houthis frequently launched marines and rocket attacks on Saudi Arabia and claimed to have carried out attacks on the UAE.

Al-Massira television quoted a senior official stating on Twitter that “This large-scale military operation comes in response to the continued aggression and siege on our people.  We are ready to carry out further qualitative and cruel strikes if the unjust siege continues”.

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are leading the allied coalition against the Huthis in an attempt to restore the internationally recognized government to the capital Sanaa, dominated by the Houthis since late 2014.

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