Yemen: Houthis Mines killed 5 members of a fleeing family

June 13, 2019
The mines planted by the Houthis in Yemen continue to take civilian lives and increase their suffering for the past 5 years of war.
Yemeni citizen Ibrahim Hassan Ali is one of the thousands of Yemenis who have witnessed closely and lived the scourge of war and its painful effects on civilians. JADWAL, aged 58, while living in the city of Hodeidah west
of the country, was forced to leave his home and property because of the outbreak of clashes there, to resort to a camp in the city of Marib.
During his escape to Marib, the Yemeni elderly lost 5 members of his family of 10, because of the Houthis mines on the road, to continue his life with the remaining 5 refugees in the camps.
Ibrahim Hassan Ali said that their lives changed dramatically after the clashes reached the areas where they used to live in the city of Hodeidah.
He added that with the control of the Huthis group on the countryside of Hodeidah where they lived, their living conditions worsened.
He explained that residents are unable to leave their homes because of the dangerous situation outside and the continues risk of death.
He pointed out that the lack of water was one of the biggest crises they experienced in rural Hodeidah.
He said that the relief organizations can’t access the control of the area by the Houthis, life became a humanitarian crisis and the population is suffering and dying out of hunger and poverty.
After the situation worsened in the area where he lived in rural Hodeidah, he decided to go to a refugee camp in the city of Marib, that he reached months ago with the remaining members of his family.
5 members of his family were killed as they were moving from the countryside of Hodeidah to Marib due to the explosion of mines planted by the Houthi.
The Yemeni citizen stressed that all those who lost their lives from his family were civilians, indicating that they could not give their bodies to bury them in a decent way, the Houthis didn’t allow that.
After hours of negotiations with the Houthi, he managed to reach the bodies of his family members and bury them in the vicinity of the site of the explosion of mines.
Regarding the circumstances in which he had taken refuge in Marib, the Yemeni resident said that he had been subjected to several difficulties and risks during the course of his escape, as he had to pass through the areas of
control of the Huthis.
He pointed out that their arrival to Marib took 5 days, and a part of their travel was on foot.

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