Yemen: Iran is working to cultivate a sectarian entity in the society for more division and destruction

July 29, 2019

The Yemeni Minister of Human Rights Mohammad Askar said that Iran is working to implant a sectarian and racist element on the culture of Yemeni society to use it to confront its international opponents and expand its illegal influence in the region, thus endangering Arab national security, warning that the abandonment of his country will have serious consequences for stability and regional and international security.

He said that his country’s exit from the cycle of war and the achievement of security and stability and the protection of human rights and dignity, is linked to the implementation of a political solution in Yemen, which is the outcome of the comprehensive national dialogue conference and the Gulf initiative and its executive mechanism and resolutions of international legitimacy,

In a speech to the 3rd Arab Regional Conference on the Protection and Promotion of Human Rights held at the headquarters of the League of Arab States in Cairo, Yemen said that Yemen has faced challenges affecting Arab security for four years.

He pointed out that despite the humanitarian and economic crises, all factions continue to resist the most dangerous rebel gang on the regime and  law, that seized the weapon of the state,  using its elements planted in the army with the Iranian military and intelligence support and guidance 

Askar stressed that the Houthi militia backed by Iran rejects all solutions to implement the Stockholm agreement. The Iranian strategy is to prolong the negotiations to keep the chaos on, and doesn’t care about any humanitarian crises. Iran does not have any intention to stop the war or sign peace, National serving external agendas.

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