Yemen: Iranian drone shot down in Taiz

July 12, 2019

Yemeni army forces on Thursday shot down a plane belonging to the al-Houthi militia in the southern city of Taiz.


The military source said that the plane was carrying out a reconnaissance mission over the military areas in the air defense camp of the northwestern front of the city of Taiz.


The office of the wreckage of the plane that it is Iranian-made.

All site of the Yemeni army revealed after the examination

The forces of the National Army in Taiz, shot down two fighter jets of the Houthi, in October, the first one in the east of the city of Taiz and the second one south of the city.


The Houthi militia has recently stepped up the use of booby-trapped and reconnaissance aircraft, a report of the United Nations Committee of Experts said it was “assembled outside and shipped to Yemen.”


The two experts said that the two planes “Qasf” or “striker” are almost identical in the design and dimensions as the “Ababil” manufactured by an Iranian manufacturer of aircraft.

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