Yemen is On the Brink of Famine with Aid Agencies Struggling to Deliver Relief

October 22, 2018

Several people in Yemen are on the verge of famine as the aid agencies are struggling to find out ways to make sure that the relief is reaching the people who need it irrespective of the assistance from Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

Houthi militias have been accused of blocking the important aid from entering the cities that are vulnerable as the country experiences one of the worst crisis in the world as told by Hamza Al Kamali,, the member of the Yemeni government.

The rebels are making use of the policy of the deliberate starvation and also coercion in the areas like the port of Hodeida and Taiz. According to Mr. Al Kamali, this is the underlying problem of the catastrophe.  The Yemeni officials have stated that the militias aren’t offering any services to the public in the areas which are under their control.  Rather, they are putting pressure on the international community and also the Arab Coalition so that they become a legitimate faction in the government.

The areas which are not in control of the Yemeni government are still the sticking point of the crisis. The United Nations have warmed that Yemen is facing the worst hunger crisis of the world with around 18 million people all throughout the country not knowing where actually the next meal is coming from.

Over 8 million people are already taken to be on the verge of famine as said by Herve Verhoosel, the spokesperson of World Food Programme. He also added that the situation is being exacerbated by increasing food prices that have soared in the last 3 years. In case the situation continues, there is going to be an additional 3.5 million Yemenis or about 12 million which is going to require immediate food assistance.