Yemen: ISLAH “open the way” for the Houthis in Bayda

September 4, 2019

According to field sources, the deliberate withdrawal of military units of the Islah Party from positions stationed in Baydah district in al-Bayda governorate, central Yemen, was a move that allowed Houthi militias to launch a surprise attack and try to make field progress.

The sources pointed out that the units of the Islah forces withdrew with their weapons and ammunition, but came to reinforce the fronts of fighting in Shabwa and elsewhere, which prompted militias stationed in the mountain “Baarf” to launch a surprise attack on the positions of the security belt forces and the southern resistance exposed in the mountain ” Qarhi” .

The security belt forces were able to counter the Houthi attack and defeat the militia members and incur the dead and wounded in their ranks.  The sources said that five of the security belt forces were killed, while six others were injured by mines controlled by militias remotely, and planted before retreating from these sites

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