Yemen: Liberation of the entire town of Qutba

May 17, 2019

The forces of the security belt in the province of Dalea declared the liberation of the town of Qoutaba north of the southern province on Friday morning, following a large-scale military operation carried out by the forces with the support of the Arab coalition forces to support legitimacy in Yemen, as part of the operation launched by the forces a few days ago.

A military source told the press that “the security belt forces anchored by the Arab coalition aircraft carried out a large-scale military operation on several axes, ended with the clearance of large neighborhoods.”

Pictures showed by the media center of the security belt forces dozens of deaths from the militias of Houthi.

Witnesses said that the security belt forces have confused the Huthi militias with a surprise attack, in which the militias suffered significant casualties.
A field military source confirmed the recuperation of the camp of Ula, which was occupied by the Huthi militias.

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