Yemen Opposition Parties Agree to Ceasefire on Port City Starting Tuesday

December 17, 2018

The port city of Hodeidah holds the access to all sorts of humanitarian relief that can save thousands of war-afflicted people in Yemen. However, with the constant crossfire between the Houthi rebels and Saudi war Coalition, more destruction an damage is caused to Hodeidah each day.

Hence, U.N.-sponsored peace talks both Iran aligned Houthi representatives and the officials under Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi came to a joint decision to a ceasefire. This was organized by the US to avoid further war and damage.

According to sources, the Houthis control the maximum area of Hodeidah along with its capital Sanaa; from here they continually attacked Hadi’s government inviting retaliation by a Saudi based coalition.  However, after certain amounts of negotiations the Houthi representative Yahya Sarea claimed that if Saudi Arabia holds their end of the bargain, the ceasefire would stop. However, if they break their word, then the Houthis won’t stop in retaliation.

As per norms of the cease-fire, international monitors will be placed inside Hodeidah and all armed forces from both the sides are to pull back immediately. This whole endeavor will be overseen by the U.N.-chaired Redeployment Coordination Committee. This committee will be effective since the commencement of the week and ensure that fighting does not reinstate.

By using such measures, the UN will put a stop to ongoing assaults and deliver the required humanitarian resources to Hodeidah. The joint agreements from both the parties have been an iconic breakthrough after 5 years as a means of the confidence-building process.

Currently, after the initiation of this process and the UN has scheduled another peace talk in January to discuss negotiations for a political framework. This will finally stat ways to end the age-old war that is killing more than thousands of people and bringing Yemen on the brink of desolation.

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