Yemen Parliament to start its meetings in Aden soon

June 24, 2019
Sultan al-Barqani, the speaker of the Yemeni parliament, revealed that the parliament will resume holding its parliamentary session in the interim capital of Aden soon.
Al-Barqani said that the parliament and its next legislative session will discuss issues that contribute to the rebuilding of state institutions, ending the coup d’état, in addition to stopping the Iranian expansion and preventing the state from fission and rupture.
He explained that the legitimate government is working in difficult circumstances, pointing out that work is underway to reconsider several things, to choose new members in the government headed by Dr. Moeen Abdul-Malik, stressing that the selection of members will be based on competence selection, after the return of President Abdurbo Mansour Hadi of his therapeutic trip in America.
He called on Yemeni Parliament to support the legitimacy to provide security and stability in the liberated areas, and to provide more military, humanitarian and economic support.
Martin Griffiths, the UN envoy to Yemen, was also accused of contributing to the stalemate and collapse of political negotiations.
“The Houthi terrorists don’t want to be part of Yemeni society, and it would prefer to be an arm of Iran to control Yemen and harm the neighbors.” He added.

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