Yemen praises UAE ‘s years of support

July 15, 2019
Since the beginning of the Houthis war in Yemen 5 years ago, the UAE never stopped supporting the people and the government of Yemen in each and every possible way, from sending food and medicines convoys , organizing meals for Ramadan and clothe for eid, taking care of orphans ,martyr’s families and wounded people to building and restoring schools universities hospitals fishing centers ,power plants and clean water stations THE UAE people and government were always there for their Yemenis brothers.
And on multiple occasions, the Yemenis thank the UAE for their endless support and help and expressed their gratitude.
The General People’s Congress (GPC) Branch in Abyan Governorate held a conference a couple of days ago where The Deputy Chairman of the Conference Branch in Abyan Governorate Sheikh Ammar Al-Hanashi, member of the Standing Committee of the General People’s Congress, praised the
activities of the UAE Red Crescent and valued all the humanitarian activities of the UAE.
The Abu Dhabi Conference Branch praised the brothers in the UAE for all the humanitarian and service support of the citizens of Yemen, praising the generous support of the Emirati and spoke about the difficulties for such services and humanitarian work to be operated in a war zone,  especially that the Houthis militias backed by Iran have no respect for human life and
always stop humanitarian operations and loot aid convoys.
Not only the Yemeni people praised the UAE support, in a report published this week to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Thanked the UAE for the amazing humanitarian support and work, the report says that: The United Arab Emirates ranked first in the world as the largest donor country to the Yemeni people in 2019.
According to the UN report, the UAE’s assistance to the people of Yemen from 2015 to June 2019 was about $ 5.59 billion. Development aid, rehabilitation, and stabilization projects crossed $ 3.70 billion, The aid has been distributed to humanitarian, health, educational and construction sectors, benefiting about 17.2 million Yemenis distributed in 12 governorates. 11.2 million beneficiaries were children and 3.3 million were women, some 11.4 million.
Yemenis received medical treatment, as well as medicines, medical supplies, and rehabilitation of hospitals. 16.3 million Yemenis received food aid and 1.8 million children received educational support.

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