Yemen: resumption of crude oil exports

October 2, 2019

Yemen’s governor of Hadhramaut, Major General Faraj Salmeen al-Bahsani, announced on Monday the resumption of crude oil exports after the government met the demands of the local authority in the province as the severe fuel crisis continues in the cities of Yemen.

The resumption of the export process came after a 13-day suspension, in protest at the government’s “evasion” of its obligations to the province.

Al-Bahsani, who is also the commander of the second military zone, attributed in a statement Monday evening, according to the “Anatolia”, allowing the process of exporting oil, to the government to meet the demands made by the local authority.

“A ship arrived on the 17th of this month, carrying a batch of crude oil, and ordered us to stop it until we reached an understanding with the government,” he said.

He attributed the decision to stop the export of crude oil, to ignore the government to meet the demands of the government, especially “pay the salaries of the forces of the second military area for four months, and not to pay the dues of the share of Hadramout of crude oil for months, and pay the bills of oil derivatives for power plants.”

The Yemeni government has approved 20% financial dues for the province of Hadramout, from each shipment of oil produced by the oil companies operating in the province after the sale and export abroad.

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